Student Loan Information

Canada Student Loan Program / StudentAid BC

Full-time Canadian students requiring financial assistance to help meet their educational expenses may apply for a Canada Student Loan (with the exception of residents of Québec who apply for a Québec Student Loan). Application is made to the province in which the student is a bona fide resident. Canada Student Loan assistance is awarded on the basis of financial need and information provided by the students, parents and/or spouse.

The loans are interest-free while the student is registered full-time at a university, and payment begins six months after he or she withdraws or ceases full-time study. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the National Student Loan Service Centre of their enrolment if they wish to maintain this interest-free status. 

Students are encouraged to apply online in July to avoid late payment charges to the College.

Students apply to their province for a federal loan first. Each province may then provide some additional loan assistance to needy candidates. Thus, if you are a BC resident, you would apply to StudentAid BC.

Course Withdrawal Requirements

Any full-time students who, after applying for a student loan, change their course load and would subsequently drop to part-time status should contact Admissions & Records prior to withdrawing from these courses. Changes to your course load may disqualify you from funding and/or result in overawards. If you are taking courses at another institution to supplement your courses at Corpus Christi College, you must notify Admissions & Records of this fact. Failure to notify Admissions & Records of your entire course load can negatively impact your funding.

Part-time Students

Part-time Canadian students requiring financial assistance may apply for a Part-Time Canada Student Loan. These interest-bearing loans are calculated on the basis of the student’s financial situation and cover basic university expenses, such as tuition, books, and childcare.

Re-payments of these loans begin thirty (30) days from the date on which the loan was negotiated.

Applications for BC residents are available from Student Aid BC Part-Time Funding

Questions? Contact Enrolment Services for Student Loan support.