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Our awards recognize academic excellence, service, and need.

Corpus Christi College offers a number of scholarships, bursaries and grants. Students are welcome to apply for more than one award. A separate application is required for each submission. Most awards are announced in the spring of each year.

Entrance Awards 

Entrance awards are based on grades achieved and do not require an application. Corpus Christi College must receive your official high school transcript by August 31. Corpus Christi College must receive your official high school transcript by August 31

Competitive Scholarships

Apply for competitive scholarships, bursaries, and grants by April 30

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1. All financial aid and awards are for tuition remission only and do not apply to other student fees.
2. Named awards are adjudicated following the deadline of each year and apply to the upcoming Fall and Winter semesters. 
3. The final decision on awards rests with the Administration of the College. Unless otherwise indicated, awards are based on full-time study (three 3-credit courses per semester). A reduction in course load results in a corresponding reduction in financial aid. Awards are applied to the student’s My LION CCC following the “Course Add/Drop” date associated with a given semester. In no event will a student be refunded based on an unapplied award.


Qualified students who exhibit financial need may be eligible to participate in on-campus employment where payment is in the form of tuition remission.

Please contact Admissions & Records for information:
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Student Loan Information 

Canada Student Loan Program / StudentAid BC

Full-time Canadian students requiring financial assistance to help meet their educational expenses may apply for a Canada Student Loan (with the exception of residents of Québec who apply for a Québec Student Loan). Application is made to the province in which the student is a bona fide resident. Canada Student Loan assistance is awarded on the basis of financial need and information provided by the students, parents and/or spouse. The loans are interest-free while the student is registered full-time at a university, and payment begins six months after he or she withdraws or ceases full-time study. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the National Student Loan Service Centre of their enrolment if they wish to maintain this interest-free status.  

  Students are encouraged to apply online in July to avoid late payment charges to the College.

Students apply to their province for a federal loan first. Each province may then provide some additional loan assistance to needy candidates. Thus, if you are a BC resident, you would apply to StudentAid BC.
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Please Note

Any full-time students who, after applying for a student loan, change their course load and subsequently drop to part-time status should contact Admission & Records prior to withdrawing from these courses. Changes to your course load may disqualify you from funding and/or result in overawards. If you are taking courses at another institution to supplement your courses at CCC, you must notify Admissions & Records of this fact. Failure to notify Admission & Records of your entire course load can negatively impact your funding.

Part-time Students 

Part-time Canadian students requiring financial assistance may apply for a Part-Time Canada Student Loan. These interest-bearing loans are calculated on the basis of the student’s financial situation and cover basic university expenses, such as tuition, books, and childcare. 

  Re-payments of these loans begin thirty (30) days from the date on which the loan was negotiated. 

Applications for BC residents are available from
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