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We want you to get involved! 

The Office of Campus Life & Ministry at St. Mark’s College & Corpus Christi College offers dynamic opportunities that support the development of the whole person. From student government, service opportunities and retreats to socials, the arts, sports and more, this comprehensive program has something to inspire, motivate and challenge every student no matter where they are on their life’s journey. Encouraged to share their gifts and talents, and to take part in activities throughout the year, the Catholic Colleges in Vancouver are home to a vibrant community where all are welcome.

 Corpus Christi College App

The app is a free download for Android, iPhone and tablet devices. It allows students to stay connected on our virtual campus. Students can connect with the Corpus Christi College Student Association, clubs, and with each other. It’s a one-stop shop for current students to get up-to-date information on events and activities (like Orientation, the annual boat cruise, or the Voices of Hope Social Justice Symposium) as well as to academic resources like study hall times, workshops, and seminars. Download the app today and stay connected!
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Participating in activities through involvement in a club is one way to meet new people, make friends and make the College feel more like home. Students can register for up to 4 classes in one day. Balancing a full day of studies with co-curricular activities can help a student manage their stress and develop their interpersonal skills. Club Days take place at the beginning of the Fall and Winter terms. Check out the Corpus Christi app for available clubs.

 Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for opportunities to service in and around Vancouver? The Corpus Christi app will connect you with community organizations that are looking for volunteers. Studies have shown that volunteering not only improves your job prospects after college, but helps you to lead a more balanced life. You gain when you give.

Student Association


The Executive Council of the Corpus Christi College Student Association (CCCSA) represents the official student government for the College’s growing student body. We act as a liaison for Corpus Christi College students to the College’s administration (President, Dean, Registrar, etc...) in matters related to academic policies and other policies that impact students including but not limited to: tuition increases, fees, classroom space, clubs and events, etc. We are also engaged in providing significant leadership development opportunities; planning social opportunities to actively support and enrich student life, and through our growing network of clubs, engagement in service and other opportunities in and outside of Vancouver.


The students of Corpus Christi College are a unified community where students begin their university career in a supportive environment while experiencing enduring connections to each other and the wider community.

Campus Ministry  

What is Campus Ministry?

Faith and spirituality informs a significant part of a young adult’s identity during their college years. It is at this important developmental stage when young people can begin to articulate their beliefs and the reason why they believe; while taking ownership for finding ways and opportunities that nourish their faith and give meaning to their lives. Here students will find support as they question and seek answers. Being situated on the campus of the University of British Columbia, our students can access faith leaders of a variety of faith traditions. The catholicity of the search for meaning and answers to so many of life’s fundamental questions ("Why am I here?", "What is my purpose?") are welcomed by our college community. 

As a Roman Catholic college, sharing the campus with St. Mark’s Parish in the Archdiocese of Vancouver, Corpus Christi College students can grow in their baptismal call to be priest, prophet and king. The Catholic Colleges in conjunction with St. Mark’s Parish provides year round opportunities for students to take on a ministerial role at liturgies (sacristan, lector, altar server, Eucharistic Minister); grow in their knowledge of Catholic teachings and share that knowledge with others through evangelization and catechetical opportunities (Bible study, retreats, religious education), and celebrate their adoption as daughters and sons of the Father through worship, prayer and service at activities and events offered by the Catholic Church in Vancouver.
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Your Wellness

Spiritual, emotional, physical, social and intellectual wellbeing.

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Leadership and Service

Inspirational leaders were not just born that way...