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On March 2nd, 2017, join Corpus Christi College community as we welcome young adult delegates (must be 16yrs or older) to our annual student-led social justice symposium called Voices of Hope.  In its 10th annual year, under the theme Duties of Care, this symposium will highlight contemporary issues threatening our social and physical environment in the 21st century, and inspire and equip emerging leaders with diverse perspectives about these issues that are at the same time united in the common message: all persons are responsible for responding in global solidarity.

Meet our exceptional student leaders, hear what they have to say, and join in the discussion.  Who knows – you may even be inspired to leave and start your own research or project on an important topic that matters to you!  For more information about Voices of Hope: Duties of Care click here.

Check out our roster of 2017 presenters:


By Joanna Cusano
Climate change is a growing issue that is affecting every living thing inhabiting the earth, yes, even humanity.  Are we actually aware of the greatness of this issue?  Are we seriously dialoguing about climate change, and its effects?  Awareness is the first step along the road to recovery.  This is an awareness initiative about impact of climate change on the economy, and a time of personal reflection about our own influence – for better or worse – of this contemporary challenge.


By Sheldon Desa
When you hear the word ‘technology’ do positive or negative influences come to mind?  Does one image outweigh the other, or is there balance?  If there is not balance, can there be?  This presentation will highlight threats born since the technological revolution; hopes born of better practices of technological use; and leave delegates with this question: Does my use of technology help or hinder the physical environment? 


By Megan Delfin
Many people already see the facts, the statistics, and the physical results of environmental degradation.  How many of us know why this global affects us personally?  How many of us actually dive deep into our individual and shared desires to help the environment? This sharing circle will hear about contemporary environmental issues, and dialogue about methods of how to spread awareness of those issues.


By Theresa Lee
The world at large is aware of the need to care for our common home, our physical world; many cultures, religions, and societal values have, throughout history, has proven this fact through their own lived experiences.  Most of the world’s environmental movements are helpful, that is, until the belief that the earth is nothing more than a resource endures. 
St. Francis of Assisi advocated another outlook: good stewardship of the earth, and all of its resources.  Come and re/consider what it means to ‘care for our common home’ through the eyes of this 13th century Christian whose ideology still endures.


By Christian Pino
What comes to mind when the phrase ‘environmental issues’ is heard? For many of us, issues of pollution and climate change come to mind.  For some, the ‘environment’ points not only to the physical world, but also to human interactions.  This minority group recognizes that everything is related.  This presentation advocates from the less common outlook that the moral law influences human life, social interactions, and how that which we hold internally influences our outward actions.


By Sara Farid
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