SJPS 200

Modern Catholic Social Teaching

Exploring four main themes in the Papal Encyclicals

This brand-new course was approved in less than 14 days by the BC Transfer system, with schools like UBC, SFU, UNBC, UVic and others recognizing it as both a Social Justice and Peace course and a Religious Studies course. And there's no wonder why: with such a comprehensive and relevant syllabus, SJPS 200 is sure to become a popular course for undergraduate students.

This course will deal with the historical contexts, competing analytical approaches, and foundational Catholic documents on the impacts of industrialization, colonialism, twentieth century warfare and environmental degradation on the poor and the marginalized people of the world. 

We begin with Pope Leo XIII’s Rerum novarum on the rights of the worker then follow with the teaching on the Just War theory and the objective of peace in encyclicals by Pope John XIII. We follow that with some examples from Pope VI and Pope John Paul II on globalization and poverty and conclude with Pope Francis on environment.

Why should you take this course?

  • Learn how to integrate the many fields of inquiry: from history, economics, politics, physical and life sciences and theological reflection.
  • Gain understanding of key concepts: Human dignity, rights of the worker, living wage, human development, limits of just war, climate change.
  • Grasp the limitations of: Marxist analysis, class conflict, and exploitation of resources and people.
  • Develop the ability to express these issues in written and in oral presentations.

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