Welcome to a new semester

Dear Students,

Welcome!  You are now part of the Community of St. Mark’s at the University of British Columbia here on the beautiful campus of UBC.  As a community, we embrace people of all backgrounds and faiths, and understand the importance of the “student experience” in terms of our commitment to your development as whole persons in mind, body and spirit.
Through our dedication to small classes, accessible faculty, the importance of critical thinking, and intellectual rigour, we emphasize an educational approach that it is confident in Christian Truth but is neither proselytizing nor triumphal. 

Here you will investigate many of the difficult questions posed by life, in an environment of hopefulness that makes no room for the paralyzing effects of existential angst and despair.  In an era focused on sustainability, the radical values of this brand of education should be readily grasped by all: love of neighbor vs. love of self; giving and contributing vs. taking and accumulating; acceptance of diversity and inclusiveness vs. exclusion and ostracism.

Best of luck in your studies this semester.


Dr. Peter Meehan
President, Corpus Christi College
Principal, St. Mark's College