INSPIRE Leadership Certificate Program

Inspirational leaders were not just born that way. They benefited from training and opportunities to gain experience.

In 2013, Corpus Christi launched the INSPIRE Leadership Certificate Program, a non-credit program offered to all students at the College. This program has become very popular with students, who learn concrete leadership skills from well-known community leaders. Get hands-on leadership training, access key resources, and take an active role in a leadership activity of your choosing – all in a supportive environment. Learn how to bring out the best in others so you can have a positive impact, become more empowered, and enrich the lives of those around you.

Past projects

  • Prison Pen Pal Program
    To foster a Christian-based fellowship between parishioners and prison inmates 
  • “Water Walk”
    To highlight the lack of access to clean water around the globe 
  • Evans Lake Retreat
    To develop a deeper understanding of the world, our vocation, and the connections necessary to thrive in the academic world 
  • Pilgrimage to the Abbey in Mission
    To take students away from the noise of the regular world so they can better listen to God and their own thoughts 
  • Yoga Retreat
    To teach breathing, meditation and focusing techniques for studying more efficiently, as well as nutrition tips for healthier eating 
  • Halloween for Hunger
    To collect canned food on Halloween night to distribute to the food bank 
  • Raise for Hope
    To raise money to send to the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan  

How It Works 

The class uses a seminar/workshop format and meets for a minimum of 2 hours a week. The curriculum is delivered using a combination of lectures, discussions, case studies, guest presentations, student presentations, readings, reflection papers, structured small group activities, research, and a service-learning project.  
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What’s Involved 


Course Focus 

In this specialized course, you will: 
  • Examine leadership within a personal and professional context.  
  • Explore leadership qualities and skills and the role leadership plays both locally and globally.   
  • Explore the connection between leadership and community involvement through concepts of volunteerism, community service, active leadership and social change. 
  • Formulate, develop and sustain personal leadership skills in two areas beneficial to student success: growth as a student leader and academic success. 

Reflective Learning 

Throughout the course, you will be asked to engage in reflective learning: 
  • Keep a log to help you reflect on your feelings, thoughts, actions, and "lessons learned."
  • Experiment with new behaviours and report on their impact on you and others. 
  • Discuss your experiences with other members of your cohort group. 
  • Use conceptual resources (theory) to help make sense of your experience. 

Service Leadership Opportunity

Put your ideas into practice by creating your own personalized leadership experience – which will benefit both your personal development and the college community.  

What You’ll Gain 

  • Research, reflection and application skills 
  • Deeper understanding of self and morality/ethics 
  • Greater capacity to help others, appreciate diversity and have empathy for others' circumstances 
  • A stronger sense of social responsibility 
  • Community development experience 
  • Oral communication skills, including articulating a point of view 
  • Non-verbal communication skills 
  • Problem-solving, organization and time management skills 
  • Ability to develop a mission/vision, and establish goals  
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 An adventure. A defining experience that will last well beyond your college years.

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