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Success Program

St. Mark’s College offers the Success Program to Corpus Christi College students in the Fall, Winter and Spring semesters. Corpus Christi College students are automatically enrolled in this important program, and every student receives a tuition bursary, which reflects the College’s commitment to liberal arts studies in higher education. 

The Success Program includes workshops, seminars and symposiums designed to prepare students for the rigors of post-secondary life inside and outside of the classroom: time management, work-life balance, research skills. It is through the Success Program that Corpus Christi students have access to additional services and programs. 
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Study Hall & Peer Mentors

Students can find quiet time to study or gather with a study group during designated hours for Study Hall. Plato’s Cave and the Campus Life & Ministry Office are great places to not only connect with friends but to seek academic and peer support. Peer Mentors are on hand to offer assistance with beginning a paper or to direct you to resources when life gets in the way of being a student. 

Academic and Exam Accommodations

Corpus Christi College seeks wherever possible to welcome students with special needs by providing these students with academic and exam accommodations so they can succeed. The College strives to implement the recommendations outlined by the University of British Columbia Access & Diversity Office, which requires documented medical assessment of student disabilities or special needs. Ensuring equitable treatment of all students according to their needs and in a manner consistent with academic principles is of utmost importance to the community. 

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