Orientation + Launch

LAUNCH into the school year!

Participation in LAUNCH at the start of each academic term is critical to the success of every student registered at Corpus Christi College.  LAUNCH provides an orientation for new students, a welcome back for returning students and a successful launch into the school year for all students!

There is something for everyone at LAUNCH. Meet fellow students, chat with your student government, and learn important information about:

•    Academic Dates & Deadlines:  Discover new features of the MyLION registrar system and your online learning platforms.

•    Academic Resources: Explore peer tutoring, key dates and academic support. Meet your Academic Advisor.

•    AMS & UBC Services: Did you know that students registered at Corpus Christi College have access to AMS and UBC services? Services include: health and dental plans; U-Pass BC and more!  Information about how to register for and access these services will be outlined at LAUNCH.

•    Clubs: Meet representatives from student groups at Corpus Christi College. Whatever your interest, we have a group for you: social justice and outreach activities, faith-study groups, socials, sports and recreation and student government.

•    Jobs, Volunteer, and Service Learning: Corpus Christi College offers numerous on-campus work experiences (paid), community-based volunteer opportunities, and service learning and missions trips.  Space is limited for each opportunity, don’t miss your chance to apply!

Event Details

August 26 – Orientation for Student Athletes
August 27 – Orientation for all First Year Students
August 28 – Orientation for International Students


Registration will open in July 2019. All enrolled students will be emailed with details.


Contact Nina Bennett, Student Life Coordinator