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Our specialty is giving students the best start to their university studies. We offer university courses in Arts, Business, and Science.

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Our specialty is giving students the best start to their university studies. We provide high-quality courses, dedicated faculty, and a proven student success program—all in a smaller, more personal academic environment—located on the campus of the University of British Columbia (UBC). Join us for an evening on campus and experience our colleges.

Counsellors, Educators, Advisors

What makes Corpus Christi College unique? It's not only a great community where students can live, study, and thrive in Vancouver, BC, they can develop and have their best start on their university pathway from "Point A to Point B" at the Point Grey campus of the beautiful University of British Columbia. Bring a class, do a tour, sign up for our annual counsellors' brunch at the UBC Golf Club.

We are a Welcoming Community

We offer year-round admissions, giving you more flexibility to make a schedule that fits you. We welcome students from all backgrounds, nationalities, and faiths.

An internationals student, Annika, smiles as she listens to another student speak during class.

“It is clear that everyone in the community is connected, almost like a home away from home.”

"One experience, in particular, that really made me feel that sense of comfort and community was just a few weeks into the semester when I had a short chat with one of the Enrolment Services officers. It was not something that was planned or expected; I had never even met her before but I really felt like I was catching up with a good friend. It was so heartwarming to have such a genuine and fun conversation with someone in the college and, since then, I’ve come to realize that there are so many people who are just as welcoming and understanding." - Annika, Corpus Corner Blog: "My Story: International Student"