Board of Directors

Corpus Christi College is governed by a Board of Directors.

    Board Members

    Bruno De Vita, QC, Chair
    Michelle Chang, Vice-Chair
    Christopher Ireland, Secretary-Treasurer
    Dr. Richard Busse
    Celso Boscariol, QC
    Chris Chan
    Jennifer Reid
    Dr. Herbert Rosengarten
    Michael Sikich
    Amy Sundberg
    Nicole Sung
    Tino Varelas
    Dr. Gernot Wieland
    Most Rev. Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, ex officio
    Dr. Michael W. Higgins, ex officio

Education Council

    Education council Members

    Dr. Paul Allen, Academic Dean
    Dr. Emil Canlas, Registrar
    Dr. Lynda Robitaille, Dean of Theology – St. Mark’s College
    Gabriel Pillay, Dean of Students
    Dr. Gernot Wieland, Board Member
    Dr. Nick Olkovich, Faculty
    Dr. Jamie Paris, Faculty
    Dr. Germain McKenzie, Faculty
    Dr. Kevin Chen, Faculty
    Olga Caselles, Faculty
    Shenaz Shahban,  Faculty
    Aubrey Djauhari, Student Representative


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Mission and Vision

Corpus Christi pursues its mission through our undergraduate program in the humanities.

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