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President’s Welcome Message

Dear Students and Friends,  

Welcome to Corpus Christi College, the Catholic two-year liberal arts college located on UBC’s campus. Since our founding, we have strived to develop a unique academic community. What sets us apart? We offer small classes and individualized attention from advisors, highly dedicated and engaged professors, and numerous opportunities for students to benefit from leadership opportunities, social justice activities, and service-learning trips. 

In short, Corpus Christi provides an excellent transition between high school and upper-level university studies. In fact, an overwhelming majority of our students transfer to their university of choice to complete their 3rd and 4th year studies, equipped for success with all that we have to offer. 

To make it easier for our students to transfer to their university of choice after completing their first two years with us, we offer over 90 university-transfer courses in a multitude of disciplines and areas of interest–from Business and Communication to Science and Anthropology. To lessen the financial burden of post-secondary education for our students and their families, we offer many admission and merit-based scholarships and bursaries.

Catholic higher education is about the creation of a sanctuary, a place where intellectual curiosity is allowed to flourish, a place where the deeper explorations of what it means to be human are encouraged, a place where freedom of mind works in creative tension with the freedom of the spirit.

Cardinal Newman, the seminal and prolific thinker on university education in all its academic and spiritual iterations, understood that the academy is not a foundry, a workshop, a centre for the making of workers, but a place where truth can be pursued with a fearless intellectual engagement. And a place where religious faith is neither trivialized nor marginalized but seen as central to the authentic human endeavour.

Welcome to Corpus Christi College, your intellectual and spiritual home, a place for the enlargement of the sensibility, the cultivation of mind. But these are not bodiless exploits, somehow untouched by the personal, the pastoral, and the moral. Newman understood the irreplaceable value of human interaction, the shared probing, the healthy interchange of ideas in a seminar, the welcome challenges provided by a well-crafted and eloquently delivered formal lecture. He knew in his bones what we have come to see as a signature of our scholastic life at Corpus Christi College: the commingling of heart and mind, the pastoral outreach, the unifying communion that comes from shared purpose and critically appropriated conviction.

We share with Newman the view “that an academical system without the personal influence of teachers upon pupils, is an arctic winter; it will create an ice-bound, petrified, cast-iron university.” Rather, with Newman, we believe that our college is a nurturing force in our lives, where we are known and treasured individually, and not “a foundry, or a mint, or a treadmill.”

Our alumni tell us that they benefited immensely by being part of Corpus Christi College community–not just academically, but also socially and spiritually. I urge you to explore our website, and get in touch with one of our advisors to find out more about the benefits of pursuing your first two years of post-secondary studies with us. 

Dr. Michael W. Higgins
President, Corpus Christi College

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