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Entrance Awards

Entrance awards are based on grades achieved and do not require an application. To be eligible for entrance awards, Corpus Christi College must receive your official high school transcript by August 1.

Competitive Scholarships

Applications for competitive scholarships, bursaries and grants are due April 30. 

Circle of Fellows Scholarship applications are due February 17 (extended deadline). The deadline to submit documents is March 1.

Awards for first year and returning students



1. All financial aid and awards are for tuition remission only and do not apply to other student fees.
2. Named awards are adjudicated following the deadline of each year and apply to the upcoming Fall and Winter semesters. 
3. The final decision on awards rests with the Administration of the College. Unless otherwise indicated, awards are based on full-time study (three 3-credit courses per semester). A reduction in course load results in a corresponding reduction in financial aid. Awards are applied to the student’s My LION CCC following the “Course Add/Drop” date associated with a given semester. In no event will a student be refunded based on an unapplied award.
4. "Year 1" and "Year 2" classifications are determined based on the number of completed post-secondary credits. A student who has 0 to 26 credits is considered Year 1. A student who has 27 or more credits is considered Year 2.

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Tuition and Fees

Tuition is competitive with other public universities in British Columbia