Corpus Campus Notifications

Transit Strike Update 

Feb. 2, 2024 – 8:22 AM PST

CUPE 4500, the union representing transit supervisors, and Coast Mountain Bus Company have agreed to the recommendations brought forward by a Special Mediator.

All transit services are expected to operate as normal this weekend. All in-person activities continue to operate as normal throughout the weekend and Monday.

Below is information for students, staff, and faculty to be aware that Corpus Christ College – St. Mark’s College is prepared for future transit disruptions.


If there is a strike action in the future, the following Corpus Christi College – St. Mark’s College services will be moved ONLINE: 

  • Professors will reach out directly to their classes. 
  • Online support, resources, and workshops are available now and in case of a transit disruption. 
  • You can prepare now by reaching out to them for online training support whether you are a student or faculty. 


Below you will find guidance for students, faculty, and staff in the event of further transit disruption, together with useful resources and FAQs. We continue to encourage our community members to explore the options listed below. 

For up-to-date information on transit operations, check 

Guidance in the event of widespread transit disruption


Check for communications from your professor to indicate if other arrangements are being made, such as classes moving online, virtual-hybrid, or content being provided asynchronously. 


Contact the Academic Dean, Dean of Students (Student Resources & Student Services), and/or HR if necessary. 


The campus will remain open and staff members are expected to carry out their duties as normal. If you are impacted by the strike, please seek direction from your supervisor about whether alternative arrangements, such as hybrid work, are appropriate. Supervisors may contact Human Resources for further information as required. 


If there is an all-out strike, will Corpus Christi College – St. Mark’s College campus close? 

No. Regardless of the level of strike action, Corpus Christi College – St. Mark’s College campus will remain open.  

Classes will proceed but will be delivered online (remote learning options: virtual-hybrid or content being provided asynchronously).  

While College operations will continue through the strike, please contact the following offices for specific assistance:

For registration, enrollment, and academic records inquiries, contact: 

Registrar’s Office: [email protected] 

For admissions questions, contact: Admissions: [email protected] 

For questions related to financial assistance and scholarships, contact, Financial Aid Office: [email protected]  

For general support services: 

Student Resources Centre: [email protected] 

Student Services Office: [email protected] 

For technical support related to online learning platforms. 

IT Helpdesk: [email protected] 

Library Services: [email protected] 

Future Students Office: [email protected] 

Deans’ Offices:  [email protected] 

Development/Alumni Office: [email protected]

Campus Life & Ministry:  [email protected] 

St. Mark’s Parish: [email protected] 

I am a student. What if I can’t get to class or an exam because there is no bus service? 

Your instructors will contact you directly with details on how classes will be conducted, whether synchronously or asynchronously, via platforms such as Zoom or other online tools.  

Why doesn’t Corpus Christi College – St. Mark’s College cancel all in-person classes? 

Most teaching and learning activities may be substituted through synchronous (Zoom) lectures and discussions. Only some class activities cannot be easily transitioned to remote delivery. Cancelling too many classes would cause professors and students to lack time to cover course material.

I am a faculty member. What can I do to minimize disruption to my students? 

Follow guidance from the Deans’ Office and please make sure you have all the resources you need for online instruction.

For access to UBC resources, please refer to BC Resource on Temporary or Unexpected Remote Instruction Tips or email [email protected] .

Are there resources for students and faculty?

Student Resource Centre (Room 209) supports students and faculty.

Here are the Online Learning Resources available in the Student Services Portal

Commuting Resources

Below are additional resources to help you plan your commute. As a reminder, it is important that everyone works together during this time to ensure as safe and smooth a traffic flow as possible to and from campus. 

Why isn’t Christi College – St. Mark’s College organizing its own transport for students, faculty and staff? 

Corpus Christi College – St. Mark’s College is not able to provide alternative transit options due to financial, logistical, and legal considerations. The number of students, faculty and staff that travel to our campus is substantial. Plus, we have people travelling from all areas within Metro Vancouver. We are encouraging our community to begin conversations around how they might set up a carpool with friends and colleagues, as well as consideration of hybrid work wherever possible. We hope that by working together, our community can find ways to help minimize disruption for themselves, their friends, and colleagues. 

If I plan to drive, will I be able to find a parking spot?  in-person classes?

Unfortunately, no one is assured a parking spot, regardless of the type of parking pass. We also know that, in the event of strike action, UBC Vancouver will not have enough parking spaces to accommodate all vehicles.  You can check in advance to see if there is availability at parking facilities here.  Be advised that availability status may change during your commute. UBC does not have overflow parking areas if you arrive to campus, and lots and parkades are full. We recommend you allow extra time to find a parking spot during the strike action. If you are comfortable doing so, consider carpooling with friends and co-workers to ease the pressure on parking spaces. We also encourage conversations with your Mmanager about the possibility of hybrid work where operationally feasible. 

I am a student. What if all the designated Evo Carshare spots around campus are full, where can I park? 

If you come to campus by Evo and cannot find an available designated parking spot, you are permitted to park on the rooftops of the West Parkade, North Parkade, or Fraser Parkade only. Parking anywhere else may lead to tickets and towing at the driver’s expense. Note, the rooftops are used for overflow parking of Evo cars because it makes it easier for others to find the cars to drive home. 


For information about impacts and changes to parking at UBC Vancouver, please go to Please note: There are not enough parking spaces to accommodate all permit holders and new vehicles in the event of strike action. Even if you have a permit, parking is not guaranteed. Please check the parking website in advance for availability; however, it will likely change during your commute. UBC does not have overflow parking areas if you arrive to campus and surface lots and parkades are full.  


Visit for information about secure bike parking on campus. You may also have secure bike parking and end-of-trip facilities in your building. Follow up with your building manager or facility manager to see if there is a space you have access to. If you choose to park your bike outside at one of the various bike racks on campus, ensure you lock your bike securely to minimize risk of theft and use a high-quality steel u-lock to lock your frame to the rack. Locks can be purchased from the AMS Bike Kitchen or the UBC Bookstore. 

Carpooling, Ride-Sharing and Drop-Off

Visit for tips on setting up a carpool with your friends or colleagues, or you can use the Liftango App to get matched with someone else in the UBC community. 

Visit for suggested locations for pick-up and drop-off. These locations are out of the way to minimize disruption to campus operations. Please obey no stopping and no parking signs, do not stop in active travel lanes, and do not stop in bike lanes or on sidewalks. 

These resources are provided for informational purposes only. Corpus Christi College – St. Mark’s College does not endorse any of the third parties listed in this communication