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When do Accommodations start for students?

Accommodations begin after the student has completed the five steps outlined here. After completing these steps, the student needs to notify Accommodations and their instructor(s) about their approved accommodations and provide them a copy of their accommodations letter before/during the first 2 weeks of the term.

Then, each request for accommodations arrangements for a particular test or exam during the term must be:

  1. Initiated by the student in writing by emailing Accommodations [email protected] and cc’ing their instructor in the same email at least 7 days (incl. weekends) in advance for all exams during the term and at least 14 days (incl. weekends) before the start of the final exam period for all final exams.
  2. Confirmed by the instructor who replies to [email protected] to follow up on the student’s request, as well as providing Accommodations any extra details for the accommodations arrangement, e.g. exam scheduling, exam materials, exam instructions, etc.
  3. Arranged by Accommodations according to details provided by the accommodations letter and details provided by the instructor, followed by an email confirmation sent from Accommodations to the student (instructor is cc’d in this message also).

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