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Alumni Contest

The Alumni Relations Office is running a contest! Complete on of the items below and you will be entered to win one of three prizes: Apple Airpods, a Google Home, or an Instapot. You have more than one chance to win.

How to enter the contest

1) Submit your updated contact information to Jay Cruz, Alumni Support Officer ([email protected])
          5 Entries

2) Complete the Alumni Survey
          5 Entries

3) Refer a friend to complete the Alumni Survey
          3 Entries (once referred alumni has completed survey)

4) Submit photos of your time at the College to [email protected]
          1 Entry = 1 photo, with a maximum of 10 entries (10 photos)

5) Book a meeting with Jay to discuss alumni engagement
          5 Entries

6) Agree to be a Monthly Alumni Feature
          10 Entries (minimum one meeting with Jay required, which earns you 5 entries)

7) Be an Alumni Speaker for a monthly Alumni Coffee Chat with current students
          10 entries (minimum one meeting with Jay required, which earns you 5 entries)

Contest Period

This contest will run until our rescheduled 20th Anniversary Celebration (date TBD)


All students who attended Corpus Christi or St. Mark's College are eligible to participate.


Contact Jay Cruz, Alumni Support Officer ([email protected])

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