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Admissions process during Covid-19

The admissions process at Corpus has been updated to better serve students as we all adapt to this new reality. 

We have collected questions from prospective students and provided the answers below.

We want you to be successful in your application to Corpus, so please explore the resources to help you with the admissions process. Our buildings are closed but staff are continuing their work and are available to you digitally. Both faculty and staff have been equipped with new technology and more resources to support you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the admissions process going ahead as planned? Have the admissions requirements changed? 

Yes, the admissions process is proceeding as normal. The admissions process has been adjusted slightly to allow for more email submission of documents and increased individual support to help students navigate issues, should they arise. Our grade requirements remain unchanged.

Many of you chose Corpus Christi-St. Mark’s for the supportive atmosphere – that is what you will continue to receive during this time. 

We are proceeding with our admissions for Summer semesters (I and II) and Fall semesters as planned. Admission offers are awarded to students based on grades available to date: interim Grade 12 records for students currently in high school and current grades for post-secondary transfer students. View admission requirements

I am an applicant. What happens if my school has been closed or my exams are canceled?

We understand some students are experiencing COVID-19 related disruptions to schooling and scheduled exams, including final exams and English Language proficiency exams. Don’t worry!

If this is the case, contact our Admissions Office directly to discuss your applications. We are working with students one-on-one to make sure that they are not disadvantaged by circumstances beyond their control. We are here to help.

How can I send in my application documents if the College building is closed?

You should now send all your documents to the Admissions Office via email at [email protected].

I have been accepted. Will I lose my admission if I can’t meet the conditions specified on my offer letter?

As every education system is handling this situation differently, it's best for you to speak with your school about how your final grades will be determined and when official transcripts will be available.

Once you have that information, contact our Admissions Office if you think you will not be able to meet the conditions specified in your offer letter. We are working closely with students on a case by case basis to ensure you are not disadvantaged by circumstances beyond your control.

Will my grades be accepted if I switch to online courses?

Yes. We recognize that in light of disruptions due to COVID-19, some students have switched to online courses to keep up with their education.

As long as these courses will be shown on your transcript, we will use them to evaluate your application. 

I am a post-secondary transfer student. Will the changes to my current classes disrupt my application?

Please rest assured that you will not be disadvantaged by any disruptions you’re experiencing due to COVID-19. Admission decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. If we require any additional information from you in order to process your application, the Admissions Office will be in touch.

More Questions?

If you have a question that is not covered in this section, we encourage you to email our Admissions Office. They will answer your question directly. 

We will continue to update this section of the website as we receive questions and more information becomes available. 

Admissions Office

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 604-822-6862 Ext. 124