English Bridge Program for EAL Students

Become a Successful University Student in Canada

Corpus Christi Colleges’ English Bridge Program is designed to help English as an Additional Language (EAL) students become successful university students.

Our Bridge Program helps you improve your English proficiency so you’re ready for the next step in your post-secondary studies.

What is Involved?

The Bridge Program is an intensive series of four 7-week courses (66–70 hours) that equip students with the necessary language and academic skills they need for university level courses.

How the Program Works

The Program integrates four academic language skills:
1.    Listening
2.    Reading
3.    Speaking
4.    Writing

These skills are integrated by helping students develop their Receptive Skills (such as Listening and Reading) in one course while practicing their Productive Skills (such as Speaking and Writing) in another.

Students will also apply their skills to engage in critical thinking, academic research, presentations, and discussions.

Is the Program Right for You?

Do you have a good academic record and an intermediate-level skill in English from your high school years?

Are you pursuing a post-secondary degree (Associate, Bachelor’s), but struggling to enter into first-year university programs or English courses because of a lower-than-expected IELTs score?

Do you meet Corpus Christi College’s academic admissions requirements, but not the English Language Admissions Standard?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, then this program is right for you.


•    improve your English and academic language skills
•    receive dedicated teaching in a supportive environment
•    learn successful study habits and test strategies
•    prepare yourself for the rigors and discipline of university level course that require academic research, critical thinking, and essay writing
•    access academic help through their instructor, the Peer Mentoring Program and the Academic Resource Centre

Enjoy a unique experience

•    make friends, experience Canadian culture, and practice English with native speakers
•    fully integrate into College life as you study and socialize with your peers and instructors
•    engage socially through extracurricular activities at Corpus Christi College and UBC

Course Details

Program instructors use a communicative approach with their students to help them build the Academic Language Skills necessary for successful post-secondary academic research, critical thinking, essay writing, and presentations.

Students will progress through 2 levels of Listening-Reading and Speaking-Writing Courses (i.e. Bridge: Level 1 and Bridge: Level 2):

Bridge Program: Level 1 - Listening and Reading

Students study and practice academic listening and reading skills, including noting key ideas, discerning thesis statements, making outlines, paraphrasing sentences, and summarizing paragraphs.

Bridge Program: Level 1 - Speaking and Writing
Students study and practice academic speaking and writing skills, including brainstorming key ideas, writing thesis statements, outlining paragraphs, drafting essays, revising drafts, and presenting content.

Bridge Program: Level 2 - Listening and Reading
Student practice and develop academic listening and reading skills, including comparing key ideas, critiquing thesis statements, making outlines, summarizing paragraphs, and analyzing essays.

Bridge Program: Level 2 - Speaking and Writing
Student practice and develop academic speaking and writing skills, including organizing key ideas, formulating thesis statements, structuring paragraphs, producing essays, revising drafts, and presenting content.
Students will also apply their skills to engage in critical thinking, academic research, presentations, and discussions.


The Bridge Program is designed for high-intermediate (e.g., IELTs 5.0) English as an Additional Language (EAL) students.
Applicants must:
•    have completed a high school diploma (in their home country, Canada or abroad)
•    meet the non-English admission requirements to Corpus Christi College
•    achieve a score of at least “Level 1” on the Corpus Christi College Bridge Program Placement Test
•    complete a  telephone or in-person interview.
No other English proficiency tests such as TOEFL or TOEIC are required to enter this program


Course tuition is the same for international and domestic students.
Bridge Program: $3000.00


Courses start at the beginning and the second half of each semester.
The Bridge Program runs year round, with new intakes at the beginning of each semester, including Fall (September), Winter (January), and Summer I (May).
Upcoming Start Dates:
•    September 9, 2019


How much time is spent in class?
Students will be in class two times per week with additional time allocated for online learning.

Are these non-credit courses?
Yes, students do not receive post-secondary credits for these preparatory courses.

Can I take undergraduate courses at Corpus while I am enrolled the Bridge Program?
Yes, students can take one credited course per term. Courses that do not have heavy English reading or writing requirements are eligible.

Is admission to the English Bridge Program the same as admission to Corpus Christi College?
Students who are admitted to the English Bridge Program receive conditional acceptance to Corpus Christi College. If students do not complete the Bridge Program and English requirements, they will not be fully admitted to the College.

How big are the classes?
IES classes are small, so students receive personalized instruction. The average class size is between 15 to 30.


Contact our English Bridge Program Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 604.314.9653

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