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What Kind of Student Are You?


Every student is unique

Corpus Christi draws students from a wide range of backgrounds and with a diverse set of interests and talents. Some students come to us already knowing what they want to be, while others are ready to explore different subject areas to discover where their true interests and talents lie. To meet the varying needs of our students, we offer special programs, like leadership training and service trips; proven Student Success Program, like academic writing and time management; and numerous courses in a wide range of disciplines.

Read the descriptions below. Which one describes you best? Then read about how our program offerings can get you on the right path to help reach your goals.
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What Kind of Student Are You?

I didn’t have the best GPA leaving high school, but I knew I would be more focussed in post-secondary and really wanted to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. I’m excited to start exploring my options at Corpus and take courses I’m actually interested in.

I graduated with a 4.0 GPA and was super involved at my high school. I was accepted at lots of other universities, but Corpus offered leadership training, service learning trips, and resume-building opportunities that will really give me an advantage.

I’m a B student, but I’m really set on getting into business school. Corpus offers a direct track into Sauder and other business programs, and I know with the academic help and personal attention they provide, I can reach my goal in 2nd or 3rd year.

I’ve already taken a year of university courses, but I’m not happy with the program I’m in. I don’t want to waste time, so I’m transferring to Corpus to take different courses, get some guidance, and figure out what I can do with the credits I already have.

I’m missing a few lower-level prerequisites to get into another program, and Corpus offers these courses with the added flexibility of being able to take them online. Plus, I know I can drop in for an advising appointment or meet with my professor on-campus if I need more help.

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