Jeff Bale

Jeff Bale is a current PhD student at the University of British Columbia with a specialization in Physics Education Research (PER). He has a long history of seeking professional development opportunities to grow not only as a teacher, but also as person. When teaching, he has a strong focus of creating as inclusive of a classroom as possible, that allows students to be true to themselves in a safe classroom environment.

His lessons are designed with evidence based teaching practices that have been proven to promote student learning. Jeff firmly believes in a growth-mindset, in that everyone has the ability to learn a subject, and takes pride in his ability to take seemingly complicated subjects and break them down into digestible pieces for his students.


Physics and Mathematics


In progress: PhD in Physics (University of British Columbia)

MSc in Physics (University of British Columbia)

BSc in Applied Physics (Simon Fraser University)

Dr. Alain Prat



PHYS 100: Introductory Physics: Mechanics and Heat

An introduction to fundamental physics concepts such as force, energy, momentum, and the use of graphs and vectors in physics. Topics include mechanics, heat, and electricity.

PHYS 101: Physics I

Vibrations and Waves, Simple Harmonic Motion, introduction to basic Conservation laws, rotational motion, the wave equation, wave superposition and interference, the dynamics of sound, fluid motion, light and heat energy (time permitting).

PHYS 119: Physics I Lab