Digital Media and Communications

The use of digital media in personal and professional communication has been accelerating at breakneck speed. In addition to connecting people, digital media also facilitates interaction across social, economic, cultural, political, religious and ideological boundaries.

Employers want people who are polished and strategic communicators, who understand effective ways of connecting in an increasingly digitized world–whether for business or non-profit.  

Featured Courses

Project Management in Digital Media

Learn the general concepts of project management skills for those who work in the development and production of various projects. You will explore project development processes and formulate strategies to manage projects.

Communication Strategies for Non-Profits

Explore a number of distinct areas including basic communications strategies, crisis management, marketing plans, event planning, and public relations enabling you to participate in an informed way in non-profit communication events.

Digital Media Design, Development, and Usability

Explore the foundations of design and development of digital media through a course-long project. Working in balanced teams, you will rapidly iterate project changes as you incorporate new design and usability understanding. At the end of the course you can have a portfolio-ready project.

Creative Writing

Learn techniques of imaginative writing and develop a critical appreciation of the art of writing in its varied forms including formal verse poetry, longer fiction, and longer dramatic works.

Film and Media Studies

Introduce yourself to the language, theory and aesthetics of film. This course focuses on thinking critically and writing intelligently about film. You will explore cinemas role as an artistic, social and meaning-­making force. Learn new ways of understanding, analyzing and appreciating film and all its visual, aural and narrative conventions.

Social Media Strategy

To succeed in today’s economy, organizations must incorporate social media into their marketing and business strategies. In this course, you will examine the role of social media today and how to use it to meet organizational goals.

Related Degree Programs

After studying courses related to digital media and communications, students can continue on to a variety of programs such as Business, English, Communications, Journalism, Marketing, Political Science, Writing, and more!

Career Options

Many careers benefit from foundational knowledge in digital media and communications.

  • Business reporter
  • Marketing manager
  • Advertising specialist
  • Content creator
  • Brand strategist
  • Editor
  • Public relations specialist
  • Social media coordinator
  • Writer, critic or analyst for government