Mikey Jose

Mikey Jose is a PhD Neuroscience student at UBC, pursuing research in music neuroscience. Graduating with a BSc in Cognitive Systems at UBC in 2020, Mikey’s research orientation lends itself well to multidisciplinary research, as he continuously strives to bridge the gap between the arts and health/medicine. Mikey is passionate about validating the crucial role that music plays in everyday life and clinical settings, and has received many opportunities to share this passion as a TEDx speaker, invited panelist at UBC’s Neuroscience Colloquia series and Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s Roundtable series, and Director of UBC Brain and Music Group.

Outside of his academics, Mikey is a composer, songwriter, and musician; at 15, he co-wrote 15 songs for an original musical that raised over $250,000 for local and global charities over 5 years. Most recently, he released an EP on commercial platforms in late 2020, and has accumulated over 1 million streams collectively, reaching 125 countries. His passion for creating music and deep interest in neuroscience intertwine, driving him to understand more fully the incredible holistic power of music.




  • Ph.D. Neuroscience (University of British Columbia) 2020-
  • B.Sc. Cognitive Systems – Brain and Cognition (University of British Columbia) 2015-2020


Vali S*, Monbourquette D*, Harvey S, Mahmud K, Jose M, Lam RW, Torres IJ, Yatham LN, Michalak EE, Chakrabarty T. Revised and Resubmitted. Virtual reality interventions to improve cognitive functioning in adults with major psychiatric disorders: A narrative systematic review. (2021)

Jose M*, Harvey S*, Chow E*, Monbourquette D, Vali S, Mahmud K, Lam RW, Torres IJ, Yatham LN, Michalak EE, Chakrabarty T. In Preparation. Virtual reality cognitive assessment tools in major psychiatric disorders: A systematic review. 

Current Research Projects

The role of a personalized music intervention towards alleviating apathy in Parkinson’s Disease

Professional Societies

Movement Disorders Society

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