Congratulations to our second class of Junior Fellows in the Circle of Fellows Scholarship program

Jun 8, 2021


Established in 2018, the Circle of Fellows is a community of young scholars, thought leaders and visionaries committed to changing the world for the better.

Through the Circle of Fellows Scholarship, students benefit from a 2-year scholarship inclusive of tuition and co-curricular support, as well as from personalized mentorship; guaranteed opportunities for service, leadership, and internships; and participation in a dynamic network of scholars and respected industry leaders. Find out more about the Circle of Fellows.

In September 2019, Priya Bagri, Aubrey Djauhari, Agam Gill, and Sean Ryan entered Corpus Christi College as the second group of Circle of Fellows scholarship winners. Despite the ongoing challenges and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their post-secondary experience, these Junior Fellows have continued to demonstrate a commitment to service and leadership in their communities.

As our Junior Fellows wrap up their studies at Corpus Christi College, we look forward to seeing how they live out their potential as changemakers in their communities going forward. Learn more about our Junior Fellows past and present.


Circle of Fellows Winners

Sean, Priya, Aubrey, and Agam at a celebration in 2019.

Priya Bagri

Priya continues to enjoy helping others and hones her leadership skills through volunteer activities and participation in student clubs. She joined Junior Fellow peers to create the Corpus Rec Society, and actively took part in Student Life activities. Once at Corpus, Priya joined the UBC Psychology Association, volunteered at the Door is Open and L’Arche, and provided student leadership at student recruitment and preview nights, where she played an integral role in encouraging prospective students to enrol at Corpus Christi College.

Priya hopes to pursue a career in child development, inspired by her part-time and volunteer work with children who have mental disabilities.


Aubrey Djauhari

During her time at the Colleges, Aubrey was a member of the Education Council and Presidential Selection Committee for the Colleges. In her final semester at Corpus, Aubrey interned as a Student Life Assistant, through which she was able to make use of and develop her skills in social media marketing, content creation, and video editing. Her behind-the-scenes work on the Student Life Instagram page was especially valuable during a time when all College activities were taking place virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aubrey is currently working on developing her own fashion brand and enjoys collaborating with other brands as a social media influencer. Aubrey will continue her education at Ryerson University, where she plans to study business and work toward a career in the fashion industry.


Agam Gill

Along with her Circle of Fellows peers, Agam created the Corpus Rec Society to encourage school spirit and enhance student life for students at our college. She represented the Colleges as an orientation leader and on the Alma Mater Society (AMS) Council at UBC, where she was elected as the Student Life Committee Chair and sat on six other committees. Agam was voted “Most Positive Councillor” by her AMS peers.

Agam has enjoyed her coursework in Social Justice and Peace Studies, Communications, and Journalism at Corpus Christi College, and is excited to continue exploring these areas in her future studies. She will continue her education at the University of British Columbia, where she plans to pursue International Relations with the goal of working in journalism or politics.


Sean Ryan

During his time at Corpus Christi College, Sean worked with peers to develop the Corpus Rec Society, which encourages students to take part in UBC intramural activities. He also served as the Corpus Christi-St. Mark’s College representative to the AMS (UBC Student Council). Sean was the only first-year student on the Corpus team competing in the University of Oxford’s Map the System global challenge, joining peers in the second class of the Circle of Fellows to study youth homelessness. He maintained this focus with the Giving Truck, helping to develop a successful proposal to the Push for Change Foundation which resulted in a $5,000 grant to Covenant House.

Sean is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts – International Relations program at the University of Calgary. He plans to continue on to graduate studies and to become a lawyer in order to take a leadership role in Global Affairs Canada or the United Nations, with a longer-term goal of running his own conflict resolution negotiation and foreign affairs consulting firm.


Thank you to the donors who have made scholarships for our Junior Fellows possible. Your support ensures that students are able to have an enriching post-secondary experience at Corpus Christi College and the opportunity to pursue experiences and projects that take them closer to their personal and professional goals.