Easter Message from the President & Vice-Chancellor

Apr 9, 2023

A Message from Dr. Gerry Turcotte, President and Vice-Chancellor at St. Mark’s and Corpus Christi College, University of British Columbia

Dear Students and the Corpus Christi College Community,
As we approach the end of term, we move deeper into the sacred Easter season. This is a time of renewal and hope, one that reminds us that despite the darkness there is always light. One of the most powerful visual images of this hopeful moment is the tradition of the single Paschal Candle that is processed into a darkened church. As each parishioner lights their candle from the original candle the space grows ever brighter, until everyone is bathed in light. I would like to think that this is how faith works, certainly, but it is also how a community, and dare I say a college, grows stronger, brighter and more resilient — fired by a defining, collective, flame.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you and yours a blessed Easter, and to wish peace and courage and goodness upon everyone who calls St. Mark’s-Corpus Christi College home. Thank you for inviting me into your family.
God bless,