Leadership Class Takes to the Trees

Oct 14, 2015

On September 19, the INSPIRE Leadership Class took on a challenging 4 hour ropes course in the pouring rain outside Thunderbird Stadium.  A series of physically and mentally demanding activities on ground level, low ropes, and high ropes challenged the new teammates to come up with creative solutions in order to move forward. Academic Advisor Ashley Wan was floored by their energy and commitment.

“It was pouring rain and freezing cold, but the entire time they were focused and positive.”

“They showed incredibly drive and determination. They’re innovative, and not afraid of taking risks while considering all the possible outcomes. No matter how crazy a suggestion was, they valued each person’s individual contribution.”

Leadership student Theresa Lee was humbled by the quality of her teammates’ ideas and input.

“A lot of leaders don’t realize how important humility is. The course showed us that you have to initiate action, but be humble enough to step back and let others take control. In high school, leaders always have the spotlight, but that’s not the case; you have to acknowledge that others can also be leaders.”

She mentioned one activity, in which students crossed a 30-foot high rope catwalk, strapped into a rope harness that was managed by the rest of the team on the ground.

“You’re vulnerable, and all these people are holding on to your rope. That sense of trust and faith…wow. It inspires you to support others.”

The INSPIRE Leadership Class is a certificate program offered concurrently with our academic schedule. For more information on INSPIRE, click here.
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Photos by Peter Vetter