New Courses in Fall 2016

Sep 14, 2016

Check out some new courses being offered this fall –

Courses in Digital Media and Communications
Are you interested in a career in marketing, communications, or media?

  • COMM 205 Introduction to Communications for Non-Profits
  • COMM 210 Digital Media Design, Development and Usability

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GEOL 114   Earth’s Natural Disasters
This will be taught by Dileep Athaide M.Sc. This course transfers to UBC as EOSC 114, which will fulfill a Science requirement when transferring to other programs.

RELG 201   Themes in Scripture
An invitation from Professor Shawn Flynn Ph.D.: “How is meaning made of sacred texts? Is there a tension between history, the claims of ancient literature, and how people of faith approach these questions. Through archaeology, history, and themes across the Old and New Testaments, explore the questions that give rise to the acceptance or rejection of these sacred texts. Engage the critical perspective to sacred literature and allow that to open new and exciting questions.”