Resources and Support for the Corpus Christi – St. Mark’s Community Amidst Geopolitical Tensions

Sep 29, 2023

Student Services at Corpus Christi College & St. Mark’s College (CCC-SMC) is aware that current
geopolitical tensions between Canada and India are causing stress and anxiety amongst some community members. Therefore, we are writing to let our students know that there are services and resources available, including academic and mental health support and guidance regarding immigration issues, such as visas and work permits. To find more information about these resources, please visit: Support for Unanticipated Circumstances.

To all International Students at our Colleges who need assistance, we encourage you to contact
International Student Advising at [email protected] or 604-822-5021. Also available to help guide you to the right resources are our Student Services Staff at [email protected], as well as multilingual counseling services (available 24/7) via the UBC Vancouver Student Assistance Program.

Moreover, additional supports available for students are also outlined below:
● CCC-SMC Student Services – Student Wellness Folder + Your Guide to Student Wellness
● UBC Vancouver – UBC Student Support + UBC Counseling Services

Finally, if you have any concerns for your safety while on campus, UBC and AMS have some safety
resources for your protection:
● UBC Campus Security – Vancouver campus – UBC has its own dedicated Campus Security team
that is available 24/7, as they provide safety planning assistance, respond to emergencies, and
conduct patrols on campus.
● UBC Safe App – App Download – “UBC Safe” is a free mobile app designed for the UBC campus
community. This multi-function app provides users with immediate access to Emergency Services,
First Aid and Safewalk, as well as information on: Emergency Procedures, Support Resources, and
other vital links and services.
AMS SafeWalk – This service offers a companion to accompany you if you feel unsafe walking
alone on campus after dark. You can request a SafeWalk by calling: 604-822-5355
UBC Blue Phones – Located throughout the campus, these emergency phones provide a direct
line to Campus Security. Simply press the button, and assistance will be on its way.
Your safety and wellbeing are our priority. Accordingly, we will continue to monitor the situation and
share with you new information as updates become available in the coming days.

In times of uncertainty such as this, we work with Staff and Faculty to support each student and foster a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful environment for all our community members.

A message from:
Gabriel Pillay – Dean of Students
Angus Chan – Student Services Manager

Download pdf here.