High School Spring Break Visit to Corpus Christi College

Mar 4, 2023


Don’t Take our Word for It. Come and Experience it Yourself.

Our student ambassadors are offering Spring Break activities that future or soon-to-be students can join in on. These activities include classes in business, film, and philosophy, tours around UBC, and online program information sessions.

This is an opportunity for students to observe the class, meet our professors, and see for themselves what the university environment courses and classes are like.


Experience what it’s like to attend a university class and lecture in the arts, business or sciences. Click the subject of interest and reserve your spot with a student ambassador!

Introduction to Psychology II

Get “psyched” on a course about
emotion, motivation, personality,
psychological disorders, therapy, and social behaviour. 

Introduction to Screenwriting

Sit in on the student projects
and live readings of created screenplays.
Student’s writing full feature films
that can be submitted to NetFlix!

Introduction to Sociology

With great power comes responsibility.
Learn about power, institutions, and
how change can happen.

Philosophy of Religion

Does God and faith matter or is it
a human response created for
meaning in this world? Find out more.

Introduction to Ethics

Is it enough to do the right thing?
What is compass and measurement
for the “right thing” for our societies?

Leadership II

Be a change maker today and sit in on
students who are being inspired to do it.

Introduction to Literary Genres

Explore works in literature and
the style and mediums for written

Introduction to New Testament

Is there a Bible “code” hidden in
the books about Jesus, the Letters,
or Revelation? Find out more.

Introduction to Finance 
Make money, manage it? Learn
the skills to that could help with
future jobs.

Managerial Accounting

Bookkeeping? What is that?

Introduction to Communications

What is the value of communication best
practices for businesses and organizations?

Methods of Computation

How do we calculate outcomes?
Learn more


An international student and domestic student sit together on a bench outside of our West Campus and study a textbook together.

What a better way to make new friends than by meeting your classmates before class starts?

Join our daily campus tours around our renovated areas and some our our favourite spots. Secure your spot in the campus tours before they fill up!