Student News August 2023

Aug 2, 2023

Welcome everyone! We hope you had a relaxing summer! ☀️

In this Student Central News e-newsletter, we wanted to give you a heads-up on important information for the new school year.

Save the date, August 30th for our annual new student orientation event – LAUNCH 2023.  Follow link to register or volunteer.

Check out new student tutorial videos and resources on how to have an amazing and successful year with us.  

If you’ve any questions we’d love to help you, send us an e-mail to connect.

Enjoy your August and see you soon,

The Student Central Team Corpus Christi College


Visit our registration guide page here on how to navigate MyLion as you register, and more.

Share with friends our Corpus Christi College playlist on how to apply, accept, and register with the button below.


What’s the Lion’s Academy? Watch video to learn how UBC Sauder student and Corpus Christi College alumna benefited from it and all the offerings: profile building and interview help, research, writing and presentation help, and a point of contact for counselling.

Peer tutoring at the Lion’s Academy empower students to help each other excel in with understanding of courses and raise their performance levels.


Jimmy Lam offers academic advising, understanding, and support to help students realize their goals in course and degree planning, program requirements, and coaching, etc. Stay tuned for advising student stories.


Stay tuned as we drop more student success stories and new channels.