Pathway: Nursing

Complete your admission requirements for the UBC Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Corpus Christi College offers all the admission requirement courses for you to apply to the UBC Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Requirements include:

UBC requirementCorpus course
3 university credits of first year or higher English Composition/Writing course  ENGL 110: Academic Reading, Writing and Thinking  
6 university credits (or equivalent) of human anatomy & physiology  BIOL 150: Human Anatomy & Physiology BIOL 151: Human Anatomy & Physiology II  
Minimum of 48 non-nursing transferable credits towards a bachelors degree (or equivalent) in another field of study  Corpus offers 90+ courses in Arts, Business and Science that are transferable to UBC. See suggested courses below.

Required Non-Nursing University credits

UBC requires Nursing program applicants to have 48 non-nursing university credits.

We all know that nurses do more than care for individuals. Nurses innovate the healthcare industry, advocate for health promotion, educate patients and the public on the prevention of illness and injury, provide care and assist in cure, participate in rehabilitation, provide support and more.

Corpus offers a range of courses to support the development of compassionate and knowledgeable nurses who will be effective communicators and leaders in the industry.

Popular non-nursing courses include:

  • Philosophy: Introduction to Ethics
  • Psychology: The Psychology of Child Development
  • Biology: Laboratory Investigations in Life Science
  • Social Justice and Peace Studies: Human Rights Violations: Voices from the Margins
  • Sociology: Introduction to Sociology: Power Institutions and Social Change
  • Religion: World Religions
  • Communications: Introduction to Communications
  • Business: Organizational Behaviour
  • Language courses such as French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin

Above are example courses. Please consult with the academic advisors to plan a full year course work determined by the major area of study.